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Coral Coast Saltwater Barramundi comes to us from the Bowen in the Whitsundays, on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef coast. Coral Coast operates a sustainable aquaculture farm just inland from the coast that can take advantage of the natural habitat, climate and conditions for the fish without depleting wild populations or damaging the delicate oceanic ecosystem.


The farm is connected to the ocean by a dedicated channel that diverts water from one of the neighbouring coves – meaning that the water in use is purely ocean water – without any dilution from river mouths or tidal estuaries. The fish are bred, hatched and raised in the pristine turquoise waters of the Whitsundays without the farming process impacting the reef. Coral Coast have total control over the entire process from breeding to feeding and are proud to be free of additives, chemicals, and contaminants. The Barra is processed onsite in their HACCP approved facility – the holistic approach means minimal handling and the fish are delivered from catch to market within 24 hours. They are always fresh, never frozen, year round.

Barra1This Barramundi (if you haven’t already tasted it) is an award winner – and for good reason. The prime conditions mean a clean, firm, sweet sweet fish that is extremely versatile in its uses. The mildness of flavour and superb texture of the Barra makes it ideal for almost any recipe calling for fish – it can be baked, grilled, barbecued and fried and still hold it’s shape or be used in curries, salads or fish cakes. Don’t be put off by it’s occasionally silver appearance – this is actually a good thing! When the flesh is semi-transparent it means healthy capillary distribution, a low-fat ratio and an absence of residues and contaminants. As it cooks the Barra will turn a beautiful white and flake apart with a fork. Done right it will be moist, sweet and of favourable texture.

Coral Coast are fish farms done right – they have a deep respect for their part of the world and do everything in their power to develop new ways to minimise their environmental impact and raise their fish in a way that mimics the wild. It’s a farm that works in symbiosis with its environment – not against it!

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