We serve the finest quality, high welfare meat and seafood from some of Australia's best producers.
Grass fed Tasmanian beef, free range pork from the Darling Downs, saltbush grazed dorper lamb from
South Australia, free range chicken from Bendigo and fresh seafood from the south and east coasts of Australia.
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    That's right. Our mantra is CARE. We figure that if we handle every process, every customer, every staff member, every aspect of the business with care, then everything will fall into place and yield positive results for everyone. That includes giving back to the animal kingdom, in the form of regular and ongoing donations to amazing charities such as Animals Australia, Humane Society, RSPCA, Guide Dogs Victoria and the Aus. Marine Conservation Society.
  • We are
    Free range
    When you shop here, you don’t have to wonder whether your dinner was raised under high welfare conditions. It was! ​ ​We don’t mess around here. Humane farming is so important. All our animals are true free range, outside, cage free and happy animals, that have never been given growth hormones or antibiotics. ​​Natural farming practices only!​ We believe that high welfare, free range produce is the only honest and fair option.
  • Finest
    It's been a passionate journey of education, and adventure as we've researched and met some of Australia's best producers in search for high welfare, high quality produce at a price point that is accessible to everybody. We meet all of our producers, actually on their farms to get an insight into their operation. It's not just the quality of the meat we're interested in. It's the quality of their husbandry (how they raise and care for the animals), their logistics, their supply chain and the abattoirs they are processed in are all factors we consider prior to stocking a certain product line.

We support renewable

That’s right! WE ARE GREEEEEEN! We buy our electricity from Momentum Energy who are owned by Hydro Tasmania. They pour renewable energy into the Melbourne grid and we pay them for all the power we use. It's a good feeling to know that we are doing everything within our “power” to minimise our environmental impact.

Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s largest generator of clean energy, creating more clean energy from water and wind than any competitor. (For the technically-minded, total generating capacity is 2615 MW and the assets are worth $4.8 billion—and constantly growing.)

Our electricity retailer, Momentum are also ISO14001 certified (87KB PDF) for their Environmental Management System. You can read their environmental policy (577KB PDF) and see their tips to help build sustainability

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
& Carbon Neutrality

We are phasing out polystyrene trays in favour of small cardboard lunch boxes. Instead of using plastic carry bags, we’re using Cardia, fully compostable, biodegradable corn starch bags and Detpak, brown paper bags.

Unlike plastic bags, these paper bags are not made from petroleum. They are 100% recyclable and sourced from trees that have been sustainably farmed, certified by the Forestry Stewards Council. Did we mention that all of our paper, cardboard, hard plastics, glass and organic (fat and bone) waste all get recycled? We have offset our carbon footprint through Carbon Neutral.