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About us

Welcome to Cannings! This business was built from the ground up, fueled by my love of good food and my compassion for animal welfare. Since 2010, my philosophy has been embraced and supported by the local communities, for which I am ever grateful. Years on, the business has grown, and I’m incredibly grateful to have such an amazing network of free range producers and a team of staff who represent my core values. My name is Sam Canning, and I look forward to providing you the finest free range produce Australia has to offer, for years to come.


As butchers with a conscience, we take pride in delivering Australia's most high welfare produce. Guided by our code of ethics and informed sourcing process, we strive to create positive change in our field.

Our Team

Paul Barrett

Kew Store Manager

Paul is the much-trusted manager of our Kew store – the biggest and most diverse Cannings location. With 30 years butchering experience, Paul manages his team of butchers, production staff, counter service team and cleaners with humour and pragmatism.

Matthew Oltoumis

Hawthorn Store Manager

Matty has a big exuberant personality and a lust for life. Charged with managing Hawthorn – the original store – he runs a tight ship and keeps it quintessentially Cannings. He’s a gentleman – with a genuine (and reciprocated!) care and respect for his team.

Andrew James

Malvern Store Manager

AJ is the Cannings wunderkind. Taking control of the Malvern store in early 2017 he’s guided it from success to success. Andrew runs it with an infectious passion and attention to detail that makes the little shop shine.

Michael Ross

Ivanhoe Store Manager

Stepping into Cannings Ivanhoe in early 2019, Mick is a model of professionalism and craft. With years of butchery experience and a wealth of meat knowledge, Mick's blend of strategic planning and can-do attitude make for one reliable package.

Harley Burmeister-Lyons

South Yarra Store Manager

Harley is the Cannings quiet achiever, and has turned Cannings South Yarra into a local institution. Harley's strengths lie in amassing a loyal and multi-talented team, who collaborate to make South Yarra the jewel in the Cannings crown.

Aron Turner

Tooronga Store Manager

At the helm of our Tooronga Store, Aron is a master of getting things done. He commands unparalleled respect from his team and is always looking to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. Aron lives to set high standards - and then exceed them.

Thomas Scott

Toorak Store Manager

Although new to the Cannings Management Team, Tom's work ethic and determination to succeed is admirable. As our Toorak store manager, Tom makes sure our discerning customers needs are met and the store has the "wow factor", day in, day out. On his days off, Tom is Dad of the Year to his two awesome little kids.

David Robinson

Burwood Store Manager

Dave has been butchering for 17 years, and over that time has accumulated a formidable skill-set and a knack for building lasting relationships with his customers. Dave's gentle, softly spoken nature makes him the perfect manager for our Burwood Store.

Yheizzi Otero

Online Manager

Yheizzi started at Cannings in 2017 and her passion, enthusiasm and attention to detail propelled her into the Online Manager's role within 24 months. Yheizzi carefully oversees the receival, packing and dispatch of all online orders as well as studiously maintaining the online store.

Mick Bird

Kew Production Manager

Mick is a pillar of stability and a sounding board for Paul Barrett, our Kew store manager. Mick oversees back of house production at Kew and manages inter-store transfers to the rest of the Cannings Group. When Mick isn't assisting Paul in steering the huge Kew Store ship, he's on the golf course, perfecting his stroke.

Tony Fitt

Relieving Manager

A true Cannings Veteran – Tony has been with us almost from day one. With more experience under his belt than the rest of us combined, Tony’s cut, cooked and eaten everything we sell. If you need tried-and-true advice – ask him!

Tim Hakins


You’ve probably spotted Tim in the Cannings van. He manages all inter-store transfers in the refrigerated vehicle, and also delivers to over 70 homes across Melbourne every week. Our online customers look forward to the visit from Tim as much as receiving their meat!


General Enquiries

An indispensable member of the HQ team - Jess puts her passion for food and knack for communication to good use as our customer liaison and all-round administrative whizz. Jess is adept at gallantly keeping her composure under Simon's seemingly endless barrage of puns.

Jordan Matthews

Customer Enquiry Liaison

If you've ever shopped at Cannings on a weekend, chances are you've been served by Jordan. Jordan is Cannings longest serving team member and it shows. With his in-depth product and company knowledge, Jordan has the answer you're chasing. If you would like to ask Jordan a question, you'll find him on our Online Chat feature most evenings.

Andy Hall

People & Culture Manager

Driven by the pursuit of global harmony, Andy works tirelessly on all things PEOPLE. With vast experience in human resources and training he is able to bring down walls, build bridges and open doors to greener pastures. When he's not making the Cannings World a better place, he's riding horses, growing veggies and collecting eggs from his own hens.

Simon Boileau

Operations Manager

Simon started at Hawthorn in 2014 before managing Kew and Malvern. He knows Cannings back-to-front and now is in charge of making sure we’re all up to standards of presentation, food hygiene and safety. He’s the bridge between the company and customer-facing operations.

Jamie Sleeman

Accounts Manager

Jamie has been with Cannings since 2015 and in that time – has kept bills (and staff paid) like clock-work. With a background in HR, and years of accounting experience, Jamie is an irreplaceable member to the HQ team.

Donna Wetherall

Chief Financial Officer

Donna is our financial compass. A Chartered Accountant with an impressive track-record, Donna has the indispensable ability to inject empathy and warmth into every facet of her role. She works alongside the Director and Store Managers to plan and realise day-to-day and big-picture goals.

Caroline Gill

Chief Operating Officer

Caroline is the driving force behind many of Cannings' initiatives. With a wealth of retail expertise, a deep understanding of Cannings values and a black belt in Microsoft Excel, by the time you've thought of it, Caroline has done it. ACTION is Caroline's middle name and her passion for continual improvement is palpable.

Sam Canning


A genuine commitment to fine produce and customer satisfaction have been Sam's key motivators in business. Always on the lookout for ways to raise the bar and create positive change, Sam spends his days deep in collaboration with his peers as they strive towards the Company's mission and vision. With Sam's ability to convert vision into reality, anything is possible.

We Care

That's right. Our mantra is CARE. We figure that if we handle every process, every customer, every staff member, every aspect of the business with care, then everything will fall into place. Did you know that as well as being certified carbon neutral, we also give back to the animal kingdom in the form of regular and ongoing donations to amazing charities such as Animals Australia, Humane Society, RSPCA Victoria, Sea Shepherd and the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Product Integrity

In a world of confusing labels, misleading claims and general uncertainly around product provenance and welfare standards, it's nice to know that when you shop at Cannings, things are simple. Thanks to our considered selection process, our animals are true free range, cage free and happy animals from the south west regions of Australia. Our animals have never been administered growth hormones or routine antibiotics. We believe that high welfare, free range produce is the only honest and fair option.

Our Selection Process

It's been a passionate journey of education and adventure as we've researched and met some of Australia's best producers, on the hunt for high welfare, high quality produce at a price point that is accessible to everybody. We make the effort to meet our producers on their farms for an insight into their operation. The farm philosophy, how they raise and care for the animals, their logistics, supply chain and the abattoirs at which the animals are processed, are are all critical factors that form the basis of the Cannings Selection Process.



  • All of our cardboard, hard plastics and organic waste all get recycled.
  • No plastic carry bags or polystyrene trays.
  • Our paper bags are 100% recyclable and are FSC certified.
  • Our stores are powered by renewable energy sources.
  • Local produce for minimal food miles.

Carbon Neutral

reduce, reuse, recycle

Since 2012 we have sequestered 518 tonnes of carbon emissions through native tree planting programs, offsetting our carbon footprint. Our certification can be viewed here, and our Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report can be viewed here. Tree planting takes place to offset our emissions but it also helps repair salt affected land, reduce water and wind erosion, and creates habitat for endangered species and rare flora. YAY!!