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Soup Around The World! Our Favourite Easy Soups To Make With Bone Broth

It's getting pretty cold out there, and that means we are finding ourselves seeking out hearty, warming recipes more and more. One of our absolute favourite things to eat in cold months is a healthy and delicious soup, so we have put together some of our favourite go-to recipes - most of which use a bone broth as a base (health bonus!)

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Our Pick: Great Ocean Ducks

Let's talk about duck! Here at Cannings, we get our beautiful free range ducks from a small farm called Great Ocean Ducks - and we think they're pretty special.

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Why Everyone Should Own A Meat Thermometer, And How To Use It

Have you ever bought a beautiful steak or roast, only to accidentally over or under cook it? Even with the best instructions, there are so many factors that can influence cooking times when it comes to meat. 
That said, it doesn’t have to be all guesswork! Enter: the humble meat thermometer. This little champion will change the way you cook meat forever.

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An update from Cannings

Yes. It's starting to feel a bit weird out there. There's no denying that the concern in the air is palpable. What does it all mean? What is going to happen? Are we going to run out of meat? Are businesses going to be forced to close? None of us really know for sure, but I would like to believe that no matter how severe the situation, staple food and grocery businesses will most likely be able to trade because people need to eat!

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